Duckers is a team to participate RoboCup @Home league. Our team represents the Emergent Systems Lab. at Ritsumeikan University, Japan. We mainly participate at RoboCup Japan Open @Home Education, Open Platform, Simulation and Standard Platform leagues and RoboCup @Home Domestic Standard Platform league. The aim of our team is to realize human-robot collaboration inspired by symbol emergence in robotics.

Emergent Systems Lab.

The Emergent Systems Laboratory at Ritsumeikan University supports our team. We study human developmental intelligence with emergent properties from the computational viewpoint in order to better understand the dynamic aspects of human intelligence. On the basis of such understanding, we are trying to develop autonomous cognitive robots and communication support methods.

Human-Machine Collaboration

Our team is supported by the JST CREST research project "Human-Machine Collaboration". The project aims to create basic technologies that achieve human-machine collaboration through semantic perception of the environment.